How To Look For a Good Watch – Don’t Waste Your Money

Do you know how to look for a good watch? Do you know someone that has asked you this same question over and over again? I know this is a very big problem when it comes to deciding what kind of watch to wear or buy. Sometimes it can be very frustrating as well.

I am here to tell you it is alright, don’t fret. You have ended up in the right place, here at Solemnwatch I will show you how to look for a good watch, what to look at and what not to look at before you plan on purchasing a watch or before you plan on wearing your dad’s watch to a prom or event.

Bottom line, after reading this all the way to the end, I will make sure you know exactly what to do and what not to do.

Do You Like Quartz or Mechanical Movements?

So the first thing you need to know before you purchase a watch is to identify the watch, is the movement of the watch quartz or is it mechanical? I can sum up the difference for you in one sentence.

Quartz watches are driven by electricity that’s generated by a battery through a mineral called quartz, and mechanical watches are driven by gears, more specifically by a coiled spring to generate power for the watch to function.

Mechanical watches can be categorized in two types, manual and automatic. Manual watches requires you to manually rewind the mechanism while automatic watches are self-rewinding.

There’s a lot to know about quartz, mechanical and automatic, but I will cover that in a different article. For now let’s focus on

how to choose a watch that suits you.

Let’s take a look at the key differences between quartz and mechanical:


  • The first thing that comes to mind is the price, quartz watches are fairly cheap and mostly affordable for the average person.
  • The time is very accurate.
  • Quartz watches are easier to produce and are usually mass-produced in factories.
  • The second hand moves in ticks


  • Mostly high end watches with sky-high prices.
  • The time can be slightly less accurate.
  • Does not require battery and must be wound before usage.
  • The second hand moves in a circular sweeping motion.

The third kind is called automatic watches. I said third because automatic watches are actually mechanical watches, the difference is the way it works.

Automatic watches use kinetic energy that you generate while moving your wrist. So it will stop working if you’re not wearing it. You don’t have to manually wind it to have it up and running, it works automatically.

Personally, I love a mechanical watch because it makes me look more sophisticated.

What Kind of Watch Face Shape Speaks To You?

Another thing about watches that is really fascinating is how it comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s a watch for each and every one of us.

Yet I hear people complaining and saying stuff like, I just can’t find a watch that suits me y’know, maybe watches just ain’t for me. Luckily for them, they met me, and they end up purchasing watch after watch.

Decide for yourself what kind of shape you want first, how the shape of a watch speaks to you the first you see it. Some watches have unique shapes, and you may not find them in regular brands.

The more mainstream shapes like rectangle, square and round circled ones can almost always be found in well-known Swiss watch brands. Some popular brands right off the head are Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Fossil and Patek Philippe.

How Neat Are You?

The reason I ask this, is because of the material the watch is made of. The type of glass to specific. There are three types of glasses watch makers use for watches.

  • Sapphire glasses
  • Acrylic glasses
  • Mineral glasses

Sapphire crystals are the most durable out of the three, but it is also the most expensive one, getting your watch replaced with a new sapphire glass will most likely cost you hundreds of dollars if not thousands.

Sapphire crystals are usually found in high end watches with an elegant and luxurious outlook. Rolex for example, all of them are featuring the sapphire crystals.

Acrylic crystals are usually found in kids watches, the reason for that is because children are very prone to clumsiness and are very nonchalant.

And since Acrylic crystals which are made of plastics are very inexpensive, replacing it won’t be too difficult of a choice. Kid watches in general are fairly cheap as well, even those high quality ones.

Mineral crystals are the perfect balance between quality and price, some expensive watches still use mineral crystals, but mineral crystals are usually found in cheap to middle class watches.

It is quite durable and not prone to scratches and replacement doesn’t cost more than a hundred dollar as opposed to sapphire crystals.

If you own a watch, the chances are it is probably made with mineral glasses. It is the most common glasses out of the three.

Do You Prefer Analog or Digital?

Watches are either analog or digital, both has their pros and cons as it a perspective thing. Some people may like analog more than digital because it gives them a different feeling towards time.

Here are some pros and cons between the two.

The pros for analog watches in my opinion are

  1. It gives me a more sophisticated look in general.
  2. Looks more stylish and fits well with dress shirts and suits.
  3. Easier to use, all you need to do is wind it.

The cons for analog watches in my opinion are:

  1. It’s usually expensive.
  2. Requires more focus before determining the time.
  3. Harder to fix.

And here are the pros and cons for the digital watches.

The pros for digital watches in my opinion are:

  1. Easier to determine the time and date.
  2. Sportsy and looks pretty well for outdoor activities.
  3. Affordable prices.

The cons for digital watches in my opinion are:

  1. Some digital watches can be very complicated.
  2. Doesn’t come in many shapes.
  3. Hard to find one with leather straps.

Now of course these are my opinions and also the most common pros and cons there is, but to each to their own. If you have different opinions or experience with them, it is all good. Work with those experiences and decide for yourself which one of the two triumph over the other.

Be Careful Where You Buy Your Watches

Here’s a tip or advice, however you want to call it. Don’t rush your order unless you are buying it from a trusted or authorized dealer.

If you want to purchase watches online, go for amazon if you want to buy at a local shop, ask if they’re authorized dealer for that specific brand you are eyeing on, and if they are, they should have some kind of proof.

Maybe some posters or badge, It could be anything. Check with the brand’s site to see who the authorized dealer could be.

Does It Come With Special Features You Want?

With special features I mean everything aside from the usual hour, minute and second hand. Special features are everything that makes a watch more complicated so to say.

Such features can be called complications, a stop watch or a date tracker, these are all complications. A watch can be somewhat more expensive if it comes with a lot of complications instead of just telling you what time it is.

One of the best feature I would say is, the water resistant feature. Nowadays you can easily find a water resistant watch, so that makes thing easier.

Last But Not Least

So before you finally decide and went through all of that, here’s the most important thing to look at right before you purchase it. Try it out. And I am not even kidding.

I have tried hundreds of watches that fits every criterion from above and I seem to like it to the core, but once I tried it on, I was like meh. Some watches just won’t fit well on you and there’s noting you can do, that’s the truth.

But that’s not the end of the world, just move one and pick another one.

It may look like the best watch you have seen in your whole life, unless you can wear it yourself or see someone wearing it. Don’t purchase it just yet.

If you can’t physically be there to try it on, look for review where people are wearing it and that can give you an idea of how it looks like when worn.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I asked you to look for the things you like, because at the end of the day, we don’t want to end up with an extremely beautiful expensive watch, but never wear it because we don’t really like it.

I hope I have provided you with enough value to help you on your next purchase, and I am sure it will. If you liked the value I am giving you, leave a comment down below and ask about anything else you need help with. I have enough information about watches for you.


  1. Nuttanee - Reply

    I am blessed growing up in my family which both my father and my uncle love investing on classic watches. They kept telling me that you just watch 10 years from now the price will go up, they are right. As a present for my wedding day my uncle gave me this beautiful Riverso, Jaeger-LeCoultre. It was beautiful sapphire and mechanical I have to wind it before use which will last about 2 days and somehow I enjoy winding it. Thank you for all these tips and guide and I on the look for my next watch and I am sure your tips will be very useful.


    • Kayin - Reply

      Hi Nuttanee,

      I don’t know how late I am, but congratulation on your marriage. Yes, there are a lot of high quality watches that can last forever if taken care of, and perhaps your father’s and uncle’s are one of them.

      The Reverso Jaeger-LeCoultre is indeed a beautiful watch, but I am not a big fan of it, don’t like the way it is build.

      You  are welcome, I will keep you posted with more valuable information about watches in general.


  2. Alex - Reply

    Hi there. I love expensive watch but I can’t afford them lol. Thank you for writing this great post. I don’t like digital watches, I can’t figure out why I do but quarts remains the best for me and tops my list. Keep up the good work and kindly make good posts like this. Thanks 

    • Kayin - Reply

      Hey Alex, You and me both, I love analog watches more than digital watches. Only had 3 digital watches my whole life.

      Glad you loved the content, I will keep feeding you with lots of information about watches in general, you will love it!


  3. Babs - Reply

    Watches are literally a passion of mine, but I normally impulse buy and regret that my watch is missing something I know I would enjoy as a feature, lol. I love this article, but it actually goes through the various features so my next purchase will be a thought-out purchase and not a whim. I love the round faces, I love the sapphire glass, and my personal favorite that I have decided is a must-have is a second hand. I can’t stand digital watches, I want a face clock. They’re so much prettier and classy. I have enough of the digital with my cell phone, lol. Great write-up! Thanks!

    • Kayin - Reply

      Hey Babs,

      I am glad to hear that! I am passionate about watches since I was a child, and now it has grown into a real obsession.
      Definitely look for features you want or don’t buy, regret doesn’t give you your money back.

      So take the time and read, check everything on the checklist.

      Analog watches are my favorite and go to choice as well, glad you enjoyed this article just as much as me writing it for you.


  4. Neil - Reply

    Hi, Kayin. I didn’t know anything about watches, I learned a few things. But I do like them, a lot, but the only thing I take into consideration is if I like the way it looks and if it looks well on me and matches my outfit. I liked the image of the first watch, could you tell me more about it, please?

    • Kayin - Reply

      Hello Neil,

      The first image? you mean the rider?

      Glad you loved this article, and I can definitely write an article about the best rider watches for you to buy. Just stay tuned!


  5. Denise - Reply

    Hi Kayin, what an informative article on watches. I really had no idea there was so much to learn. I will never again just buy a watch. Thank you for the detail, it was so easy to read, but at the same time I have come away with so much more knowledge.
    I personally love the sound of a ticking watch and like winding a watch, but I have to admit I have a number of watches that are used for different activities.

    Have a great day,

    • Kayin - Reply

      Hello Denise,

      I am glad you are interested in watches now. May this be the start of your new interest, stay tuned!

      Having different watches for different activities means you are a person with lots of mood, which is a good thing.


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