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Welcome to Solemwatch! Here you will find every little thing you need to know before you choose the perfect watch you have been eyeing for a while or the watch you plan on purchasing for your mom, dad, wife, husband, kids or just friends in general.

We will have in-depth reviews about watches so meticulously written just for you, we will provide details from the most obvious standpoint to more complicated ones.

My Not So Little Story

Growing up I have always been someone that happens to look at the time a lot, sometimes very necessary like when I am at school and waiting for the bell to ring so that I can go home. Other times it’s just because I love to know what time it is, something I can’t really explain up till this day, but it bugs me slightly if I don’t know what time it is.

Now my fascination with time is one of the reason I love watches, and the other reason is simply because I love how a watch can create a whole new persona and gives you an aesthetic pleasure.

I remember one time when I was ten years old, I wore a superhero watch (Captain America). I really loved it because I was a big superhero fanboy (Still Am), Marvel and DC mostly. I always wore it wherever I go because I loved Captain America.

To my surprise and which hurt me, I heard a couple of older and bigger kids from school poking fun at me. Yelling and laughing, they think I was trying to be some kind of superhero kid and that’s what surprised me, but that didn’t hurt me…in fact it actually made me feel cool, but then they started calling me Fat-boy or Captain fat.

From that point on I realized that a watch can do a lot to how people perceive you, how you can change your look with just one simple accessory that sticks out. Perhaps the most versatile accessory one can wear.

From That Day On

From the day I realized the power of the watch, I find it utterly important to let people realize how big of a deal a simple well chosen watch can do or be.

I have seen people with amazingly great fashion wearing an extremely horrible watch. The reason for that is because they don’t know any better, they think a watch is only there to check what time it is, and I don’t blame them.

That is the sole purpose of the watch, yes, but its different now.

A watch is in my honest opinion the most important piece of accessory a person can wear, and it can tell the story the person’s emitting.

And that’s why I want to help you choose the perfect watch for you.


My Goal and My Passion

I created this website with a purpose, a goal, a mission. I want to help you choose a watch that’s perfect for you, and nothing else.

To help you achieve that, there are reviews of the watches you are interested in and some you have never seen before.

I will provide you with everything there is to know about your specific watch and more, and all I ask from you in return with all the value I provide is to read and make a decision without getting interrupted.

Because if you end up on a different website which reviews watches then I have failed you. So take your time and read.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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